Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Converted to sea kayak

I was well and truly inspired by the documentary film Solo: Lost at sea. I knew I have to do something. 10 days later and here I am with my first ever sea kayak picked up from TM. Not surprisingly the same model as one paddled by Andrew Macaulay.  This bad boy is versatile and will allow me to cover a good distance and have ample storage for fishing in mind.

Boat needs very little maintenance (could wait for warmer months) and few bits and peaces to be modified to a trolling killer machine. Looking forward to try it out on the water sometimes this week. Have no clue what to expect as this would be first time in a real kayak ;) for me. So might just take it to mission bay or somewhere for a quick paddle.

This is my shopping list to get things started.

-Bilge pump
-Railblaza accessories
-Some kind of flat catch bag or anything to fit on the bow for storage
-looking for ideas for under deck storage
-A catch bag for storing fish
-Anchor and running rig

Missing anything? :?:
What a beautiful documentary and what a legend him Andrew McAuley. I am inspired.
Watch it if you haven't.

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