Friday, 21 September 2012

Around Pakihi on Mirage 580

A few quick phone calls to work meant that I could take a day off and go to Kawakawa bay and paddle around the Pakihi island. Fishing was not really on the menu but I could not resist taking a rod along. Got stock in the motorway for quite a long time but managed to get to Kawakawa at about 11am. I saw Kev on the way and I knew when Kev heads home early, fish are on bite :^) .

Started to paddle towards Mccallum bay where wind direction was most helpful but wind against tide made her choppy at times. I had no problem cutting through the waves in my razor sharp mirage ;)

 The other side of the island was calm and the scenery was amazing

Fish came in quick succession. First time bagging the limit on Mirage with 3 more released. I was back at 4 pm, thankfully the traffic was not as bad as in the morning on the way back :y:

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Lftndbt said...

A friend of mines family owns this island, I stayed there several years back for two weeks. After the first week we ran out of provisions and I lived off the snapper from the sandspit. Most of them I caught were too big for a meal so I would throw them back to be breeders keeping only one smaller to eat. Your post brings back good memories, thankyou.